RunSun Home Decor & Design

White ceramic pot on wooden stand with plant

Provides more space for plants, succulents, and cacti.
Tall and deep: These cylindrical indoor ceramic pots on the wooden stands have deep and lots of space to provide enough room for plant rhizomes to grow.
Drainage holes and trays. Each white planter has a drainage hole in the bottom and a matching bamboo tray to help collect excess water and protect your floor or table.
Modern home decor. These clean and simple-looking white planters with natural bamboo trays look great on a windowsill, living room, balcony, or office.
The ideal gift for plant lovers. These beautifully packaged planters are perfect for plant lovers or friends who have just moved into a new home. Can also be used as a gift for Christmas, Mother’s Day, or a friend’s birthday.

For bulk purchase wholesale, and to customize your products, please contact us.

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