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How to buy products from China

How to buy products from China


How to buy products from China

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China has become the largest economic door in the world. Importing stuff from china has proven a successful tactic for many businesses. Products like clothing, electronics, furniture made in china are very popular worldwide.


However, for the newcomers, it can be a difficult task. In order to buy products from china, there are five basic steps to follow. Following these basic step-by-step procedures will not only save your money but will also save your time.


1.Identify your rights:
Buying something from a foreign country makes you an importer. If you want to buy something in a bulk, you first have to identify your rights in that specific country. You must also remember that courier company like DHL, UPS or FEDEX will only deliver your package if it is small and for personal use.


2.Identify your products:
If you are into trade business, then you must first choose the right product. One wrong decision in choosing the product will cost you a lot of money and time.
It is good to gather as much information as you can about the good you intend to import. You can also ask for product sample in order to examine it more.
It is also very vital to ensure that the product you want to import is whether permitted in your country or not. Make sure it passes all the rules and regulations of your country.


3.Find a Suitable Supplier:
Finding a suitable supplier can be very tricky. Many importers choose their suppliers from a sample shown at a trade show. This is not a good idea.
You better run a background check on your supplier. If he claims to own a factory then you should pay a visit. Get some customer references too.
Once you have selected your supplier, request a Proforma Invoice P/I for your purchases. Remember that your P/I must show the weight and the packed dimensions.


4.Negotiable Payment Term:
Don’t leave anything for future. Make sure top make your payments methods clear before you import. The most common payment method is T/T that is Bank Transfer. The standard terms are 30% deposit before purchasing and the remaining 70% is paid after the supplier fax the bill to the importer.
Be aware of the traps. If vendors insist on more favorable terms, then you might reconsider.


5.Ensure your Product Quality:
It’s important to make sure that your supplier met your product specifications. A visit to the factory by you will ensure the product quality.
The most type of quality control used by many vendors is a final random inspection. This sample gives professional inspectors enough to draw conclusions about an entire batch.
Make sure to follow these steps before you start negotiating with potential suppliers. Doing this will not only benefit you but will also let them know that you are a professional buyer.
After reading the above tips, if you still don’t understand. You Can contact us at any time and we are free to help you buy products in china.


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