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  • Ceramic round pot white succulent planter pot1

    Modern minimalism at your service. With clean lines and a sleek, minimalist feel, this white RunSun ceramic round pot will fit perfectly into your home design, bringing a plus-natural mix to the table and they are ideal for succulents, and cacti, or any small decorative plant.
    Made of sturdy, high-quality ceramic with a high-end sheen, these planters will look great anywhere, from your desk to your home coffee table, windowsill, or patio table.
    Each planter has a drainage hole and a mesh cover for easy watering and keeping dirt out. Small and beautiful, these ceramic planters with stands would be a great addition to any space and they make a wonderful gift for plant lovers.

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  • Cquare cement flower pots Amazon Round Succulent Cement pots for sale

    New desktop iron baskets cement flower pot set succulent plants square flower pot with iron frame foam packaging Square cement flower pots Amazon Round Succulent Cement pots for sale

    For bulk purchase wholesale, and to customize your products, please contact us.

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  • European-style black breathable cement pot greenery succulent office desktop flower pots wholesale

    European-style rustic black drum-shaped breathable cement pot greenery old stakes succulent flower pots office desktop flower pots wholesale

    For bulk purchase wholesale, and to customize your products, please contact us.

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  • Face flower pot decorative plant pots cute plant pots

    RunSun, face flower pot, face plant pot, decorative plant pots, decorative flower pots, cute plant pots, cute flower pots, For bulk purchase of wholesale, and to customize your products, please contact us.

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  • Flower pot combinations color wall plant pots for hanging indoor3

    Bringing home new plants is a quick way to add a splash of color and character to your house, especially when those plants are placed in a perfect container (the flower pot combinations are more obvious).
    Think of your pots and planters as a framework for botanical art – they can be simple and stylish, let the green stuff do the talking, or create their own right.

    For example, a bright green, fluffy fern contrasts with a matte black ceramic planter. But if you have a small olive tree with a narrow profile at its base, a textured white terra cotta creates an interesting design moment that can make up for all that negative space.

    Of course, you’re not limited to quiet or loud options. Planters come in so many shapes, sizes, and colors, some with direct built-in self-watering features and others with hidden drainage compartments.
    It’s easy to walk into your local nursery or hardware store and pick up a planter from the shelf, but more decorative options – which work well in the context of your particular decor – are often a little harder to find.
    But it’s worth it, because no matter where you decide to place your houseplants, these pieces can bring serious visual appeal to every room in your house.

    To help you in your search, we’ve curated a few of our current favorites that boast something unique, whether it’s an interesting hand-forged shape or an unusual color palette, or simply offer a beautiful design opportunity.

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  • Matte black watering can small mini metal indoor Mister Succulent1

    【Material】-This mini watering can is made of high-quality stainless steel, corrosion resistant, and not easily deformed. Together with the environmentally friendly black matte finish, it adds a sense of mystery to the mini watering can.
    【Long Spout】- The mini matte black watering can is easy to locate exactly where you want to put the water when watering your plants, it is hard to get close to the pot because it is small enough and the spout will fit into the small space between the leaves to put the water into the pot instead of the full table.
    [Maximum capacity] – 10oz/300ml, it is recommended that you add water appropriately, not too full. A cup of water is 8oz – this can only hold 10oz, be sure to look at the size before deciding to buy. This little watering can is great for watering orchids or succulents that don’t need a lot of water.
    【Multipurpose】- This is a very small watering can, but perfect for watering seedling trays, small sprouts, small indoor plants, small succulents, bonsai trees, office plants, small house or desk plants, small herb gardens, small indoor houseplants, small windowsill pots. It can also be a great gift for gardeners, moms, grandparents, etc.
    【Elegant Design】- Great little watering can doesn’t take up much space on the countertop. The black watering can also be used as a home decor accent to add some vintage style to your interior.

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  • Metal hanging baskets flower pot hanging plant pots indoor basket1

    Creative Hanging Windbell Ceramic Succulent Pot with Metal Stand and Wishing Card metal hanging baskets

    This iron frame wind chime pendant, and flower pot decoration, is made of high-quality materials, very delicate and durable.
    Fashionable design can express your beautiful vision of life. Suitable for garden, balcony, room, yard, etc.

    -Color: Gold iron frame.
    -Material: ceramic and iron.
    -Size: about 17x9x9.3 cm / 6.69×3.54×3.66 inches.
    -Ceramic planter is breathable and good for plant growth.
    -It is also a perfect bell-shaped hanging decoration.
    -Wish card design can express your beautiful vision of life.
    -The bamboo tray can help place the pot for succulent plants.
    -Applicable to garden, balcony, room, yard, etc.

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  • Metal hanging plant pots ceramic wall hanging pots flower1

    These minimalist metal hanging plant pots brighten up any room in your home with their light, modern simplicity. Great plant decor is perfect for showing your plants some love in this elegant way.
    Simple, yet meticulous. Packaged metal plant hanger and white ceramic planter.
    Material: metal hanger, ceramic flower pot. Sturdy and durable. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The diamond and round gold rings match the round planters and add color to your home windows, bedside, ceiling, living room, bedroom, and kitchen.
    Add some modern flair and charm to your space with this special round and circular planter. Simply fill the plastic planter with your favorite green color and hang it with cotton string.

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  • Oblong planters long plant flower pots long ceramic plant pot1

    Modern minimalist design white ceramic oblong planters with bamboo saucers. Each planter comes with drainage holes that allow water to flow through the soil to the saucer below.

    Good Design
    Our attractive white ceramic is made of durable ceramic. The edges are seam-free butted to ensure your narrow planter is watertight and the planter box has been powder coated.
    This coating ensures that your planter box is scratch-resistant and hard to chip with no fading. Plants and stones are not included.

    This rectangular planter can be used in a variety of different places. It can be used indoors as a large succulent planter, or use our modern planter as a centerpiece on your table.
    Because it is a narrow planter, it can easily be used on a bookshelf or desk. More than just a succulent planter, this rectangular planter can be used to hold candles or other floral arrangements.

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  • Round ceramic plant pots flower pots ceramic plant pots1

    Minimalist Round Planter Design – Designed with a classic matte color exterior and soft round shape, the planter can bring a modern and stylish visual presentation to your flowers and indoor plants for any home/office decor.
    The glossy layer on the inside is easy to clean and is an added attraction. Perfect for flower and plant lovers!
    Eco-friendly and Durable Material – Ultra-lightweight, sturdy ceramic material makes these elegant planters stand up well to wear and tear and work great around kids or lively animals.
    Use with confidence to decorate your windowsills, tabletops, shelves, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, gardens, and outdoor patios.
    Make Your Own Garden – Set of 5 small planters suitable for growing most small to medium-sized plants such as succulents, snake plants, aloe vera, mint, chlorophyll, or herbs to add color to your living place.
    Optional Drainage System – A drilled hole at the bottom drains standing water to help extend the life of your precious plants.
    Also available are removable rubber plugs that can be hung on a flat surface or mounted on a tray to catch excess water. Your choice, flexible use
    Our products are professionally manufactured and exclusively sold.

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  • Round ceramic pot ceramic round succulent planter1

    Modern Minimalist Design: RunSun Modern round succulent planter Minimalist Succulent Planter is not just a planter, but a design piece that will infuse minimalism and functionality into your space.
    Minimalism and Functionality: The Modern Minimalist Succulent Planter is a stylish, practical, and elegant piece that gives you plenty of space for your beautiful arrangements thanks to its large container. It has a drainage hole to avoid overwatering and a plug to avoid messes and leaks.

    Clever design, high-quality materials, and craftsmanship: material quality means everything to us, we use top quality, high-temperature heavy ceramic and strong, lifetime durable ceramic and sustainable metal.
    Best Gift with Chic Sustainable Packaging: With its minimalist white packaging, the vintage flower pot is a lovely, aesthetically pleasing decorative gift, it is the perfect and unique gift for housewarming, Christmas, your mom, and friends.

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  • Round succulent pot white ceramic planter round flower pot1

    Indoor and Outdoor – Drainage holes designed for indoor and outdoor plants. Modern decorative plant stand for living room, bedroom, dining room, office, etc. (Note: Handcrafted products, sizes, and colors vary slightly.)
    High Quality – All our products are made in the hands of local masters using the best acacia wood and high-quality ceramic pots. Handcrafted and using metal bracket construction method to ensure its strength.

    Modern Design – Modern furniture draws inspiration from mid-century, rustic, bohemian, bohemian, trendy, and minimalist home decor. Your raised plant display on a floor plant base will look great
    Elevated plants – Plants will perform better when they are elevated, they get more sunlight and better air circulation. You can use a wooden stand in two ways. You can adjust the height to suit your preference and needs.

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  • Round terracotta pots succulent planter plant flower pot1

    Product Description
    Color: White
    Accessories: Round terracotta pots Come with a metal stand with a wooden tray
    Succulents are hardy plants with low water requirements, so they are usually easy to care for.
    Add a decorative touch to any room with these pots from our succulent planters.

    Superior craftsmanship – Each white ceramic planter in this set is beautifully and evenly glazed and baked evenly, making each white planter stronger and less likely to break.
    Easier – Ceramic planters have drainage holes so water will drain out. And don’t worry about water leaking out, because each bamboo tray has a raised rim to catch run-off water. Perfect for indoor plants

    Adds interest to modern homes and gardens Rustic style for cacti, succulents, or air plants
    Succulents are also like snowflakes, no 2 plants are the same, so a set of pots is necessary to display them beautifully and with pride in your home.

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  • RunSun succulent plant pots strawberry plant pot window box 3

    Factory wholesale succulent plant pots cement breathable black rectangular flower pots with a simple iron frameset. For bulk purchase wholesale, and to customize your products, please contact us.

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  • Set of ceramic plant pots flower pot sets with stand1

    RunSun Value Planter Set: The set of ceramic plant pots includes 5 ceramic planters of different sizes that can hold a variety of plants and are very sweet when put together as a decorative piece to fill your windowsill.
    Color: The flower pot color is white; the stand color is gold, green, gray, black, blue
    The perfect gift, a simple white planter is a perfect choice for Christmas, Mother’s Day, housewarming, or wedding gifts, you can never go wrong.

    Minimalist style planter. White ceramic flower pots with different colored metal brackets bring a visual representation of minimalist style ceramics, different minimalist stripes make the pots stand out, perfect for decorating windowsills, tabletops, bookshelves, and bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, gardens, offices, etc.
    These are lovely and match almost any home/office decor wonderfully, creating a youthful and fresh look for your house.
    High-quality material – ceramic flower pots for succulent plants. These mini planters are made of kaolin clay which is a sturdy ceramic and durable.

    Perfect for succulents, herbs, and cactus plants, they have enough space for 2″ small plants to transplant with room to grow.
    Healthy growth of plants. Wide top design for easy cultivation of new plants and transplanting. Each pot has a drainage hole at the bottom so that the roots of the plants can be fully hydrated and no excess water stays, keeping them healthy and growing.

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  • Small black watering can metal matte indoor Spray sprinkling1

    【Material】 Indoor plant small black watering cans are made of high-quality stainless steel, durable, rust-proof, and easy to clean. Together with the eco-friendly black matte finish, it adds mystery to the sprinkler bottle.
    【Large Capacity】 You will get a small/mini stainless steel plant sprinkler watering bottle for indoor plants, it can provide plenty of water for your indoor plants watering.
    【Modern Design】It looks very modern and professional, the unique shape and gorgeous finish are not only a watering can but also suitable for your home or office decoration.
    【Widely used】The watering can is perfectly suitable for watering potted plants, indoor plants, patio plants, hanging plants, and outdoor gardens.

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  • Small plant flower pots cheap ceramic flower1

    Small plant cheap flower pots ceramic flower
    Product Description
    Color: White
    Planters and Vases – Ceramic flower pot with drainage holes and saucer, perfect for small indoor planters, tabletop planters for plants.
    With an elegant colored glaze finish, the planter offers a modern and stylish design, it can easily accent a variety of decorations in your home or garden.

    100% ceramic planter – high-temperature firing.
    Glazed inside and out.
    Pre-drilled drainage holes.

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  • Small plant pots tiny flower plant pots ceramic pots1

    Planter: The use of environmentally friendly materials – ceramic material to do the small plant pots, and comes with a special planter metal bracket. Planter with the drainage system. Brighten up your indoor living space and bring fresh herbs to your kitchen.
    DRAINAGE: Each ceramic planter has drilled holes in the bottom for extra water drainage to help you extend the life of your precious plants.
    ECO-FRIENDLY AND DURABLE: Made of durable and sturdy ceramic material. Super lightweight and safe for kids or active animals around.
    SIMPLE DESIGN: Simple, modern, and chic looking. RunSun ceramic planters are suitable for growing most small-sized indoor plants such as baby succulents, cacti, small flowers, herbs, seed starting, propagation plants, plant cuttings, etc.
    These lightweight pots are also great for hanging plants such as Devil’s Ivy, Heart Leaf Philodendron, and String of Pearls. You can also use them as your kitchen herb garden by growing mint, thyme, rosemary, cilantro, and basil.

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  • Wall plant pots hanging plants indoor mounted ceramic flower1

    Fascinating Geometric Design: Designed in the style of an original geometric stand with a round container (wall plant pots), its simple, elegant design adds a modern decorative touch to any indoor space.
    MODERN INDOOR PLANTERS: RunSun planters are a perfect way to add some color and liven up your living space with indoor plants such as small succulents, air plants, mini cacti, faux succulents, faux sedums, or other small plants or flowers.
    A unique decoration is suitable for any place. Use it to decorate your home decor, office decor, bathroom decor, etc. For larger spaces, multiple RunSun planters can be combined to create a truly unique display.
    Multiple options for wall or tabletop. RunSun planters can be used as wall decor or tabletop decor and come with easy-to-follow instructions for everything from greenery to office supplies.
    Material: Ceramic / Metal

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  • White ceramic pot on wooden stand with plant1

    Provides more space for plants, succulents, and cacti.
    Tall and deep: These cylindrical indoor ceramic pots on the wooden stands have deep and lots of space to provide enough room for plant rhizomes to grow.
    Drainage holes and trays. Each white planter has a drainage hole in the bottom and a matching bamboo tray to help collect excess water and protect your floor or table.
    Modern home decor. These clean and simple-looking white planters with natural bamboo trays look great on a windowsill, living room, balcony, or office.
    The ideal gift for plant lovers. These beautifully packaged planters are perfect for plant lovers or friends who have just moved into a new home. Can also be used as a gift for Christmas, Mother’s Day, or a friend’s birthday.

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