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Round ceramic plant pots flower pots ceramic plant pots

Minimalist Round Planter Design – Designed with a classic matte color exterior and soft round shape, the planter can bring a modern and stylish visual presentation to your flowers and indoor plants for any home/office decor.
The glossy layer on the inside is easy to clean and is an added attraction. Perfect for flower and plant lovers!
Eco-friendly and Durable Material – Ultra-lightweight, sturdy ceramic material makes these elegant planters stand up well to wear and tear and work great around kids or lively animals.
Use with confidence to decorate your windowsills, tabletops, shelves, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, gardens, and outdoor patios.
Make Your Own Garden – Set of 5 small planters suitable for growing most small to medium-sized plants such as succulents, snake plants, aloe vera, mint, chlorophyll, or herbs to add color to your living place.
Optional Drainage System – A drilled hole at the bottom drains standing water to help extend the life of your precious plants.
Also available are removable rubber plugs that can be hung on a flat surface or mounted on a tray to catch excess water. Your choice, flexible use
Our products are professionally manufactured and exclusively sold.

Please contact us if you need to purchase wholesale in large quantities.


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