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Tool Preparation for the Gardening Season

Tool Preparation For The Gardening Season
Tool Preparation For The Gardening Season

In winter it is advisable to prepare a wide range of tools for the gardening season. The care of the flora depends directly on the quality of the tools, which is why it is important to check the available farm equipment beforehand. In addition, in winter you should calculate and buy (preferably in bulk) the fertilizer needed for the whole season. The resistance of plants to sub-zero temperatures and diseases depends primarily on water and nutrition, as well as on the quality of cultivation techniques.

Watering Cans or Watering Systems

Almost any container that can hold liquid – from a measuring jug to that half-drunk glass of water on your table – can water your thirsty plants. But a well-designed watering can waste less water and makes less of a mess. Some even go beyond their practicality and make gorgeous items for your home.

RunSun meticulously researched and tested dozens of watering cans, and we interviewed a plant and interior stylist to get his take on what to look for. Our choices included: a can with an extra-long spout for hard-to-reach plants; a display-worthy, space-saving ceramic watering can; a small metal watering can from a well-known brand; an affordable, versatile option; our favorite children’s watering can; and a large-capacity indoor can.

Are you still having trouble finding a watering can manufacturer? RunSun Home Decor helps your business brand become more visible, and RunSun is a design, production, and sales company that provides design solutions for many businesses.

Prepare Shovel, Rake, Hammer, and Axe Handles

It is recommended to start preparing the shovel. Today, it is almost impossible to make shovel handles yourself. You can buy blanks of different sizes at reasonable prices in specialized stores. When buying inserts, check them carefully: there should not be any knots or cracks. First, shorten the handle blank to the appropriate length. Then a bevel cut is made where it attaches to the spade itself.

Next, the handle is nicely sanded and the surface that the gardener will hold in his hand is burned off by fire. This helps prevent blisters on the hands that have “deteriorated” due to the cold season. The shovel is mounted on the spade by tapping it with an axe or hammer. When it is in place, it is secured with a few screws. The handle of the rake or hoe is prepared and installed in the same manner.

When installing the handle of a hammer, remember that it must go through the hole cut for it as a whole, not mounted on it. Only in this way can the tool work without falling off. The handles of hammers and axes should be hammered into pre-prepared wooden hollows or steel wedges after they have been placed in place. Wedge-shaped nails are also suitable.

Sharpening Gardening Tools

Fine files are commonly used to sharpen shovels and hoes. Tools are sharpened on both sides of the blade along their ground contact surface. If you don’t have a sharpener, you can also use a file to sharpen an axe. On the other hand, planning knives should be handled by a professional locksmith: in this case, the angle and level of sharpening are important. Fine files can also be used to sharpen knives and forks and hand saws. Each tooth is perfectly sharpened on both sides without any burrs.

Making Plates for Beds

When preparing for the gardening season, you should also prepare vegetable garden signs in advance. After sowing, you can use them to mark where on the plot there are rutabagas and bush beans, where there are carrots, where there are potatoes, the name of the variety, and the time of sowing. For such signs, it is common to use pieces of shredded wood (preferably moisture-proof) or plastic. The size of the piece is about 10×12 cm. It is nailed to a board up to 25 cm long, with the top of the board sharpened. You can either paint the chipboard or leave it as it is. It all depends on what you want to write on the plaque. For the usual plywood fits and marks, while for painted surfaces special inks (and plastic, metal surfaces) or crayons are needed.

Making sure you have your tools ready ahead of time will put you in a good mood for the new season and you’ll be happy with your new fall harvest. Good luck in the garden!

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