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Tips for Using a Garden Watering Can – Watering Cans Wholesale

Tips For Using A Garden Watering Can
Tips For Using A Garden Watering Can
  1. Determine how much water the garden inhabitants need. Dig a small hole in the soil (about the depth of a bayonet) and fill the hole with water. Is the water gone after half an hour? Then you are dealing with very “greedy” soil: it needs frequent and heavy watering. Does it still have water after two to three hours? Don’t be overzealous: moderate watering is enough. If the hole does not become dry in a day, then it is time to improve the drainage system.
  2. It is better to water the plant with rain water rather than tap water. It is rich in oxygen.
  3. When taking care of vegetable crops, always use watering cans with nozzles. They will make irrigation gentler and prevent water from eroding the soil surface. On the other hand, strongly rooted plants can be watered without nozzles – a direct jet of water will not damage them.
  4. When watering greenhouse plants, choose a watering can with a long, collapsible spout.
  5. Don’t use the same container for watering and fertilizing plants. It is better to buy a separate watering can for watering fertilizer.
  6. If you plan to use mineral fertilizers, it is best to use plastic watering cans. Metals react with chemicals and do not saturate plants with important elements such as nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus.
  7. For fertilizing vegetable crops in the seedling stage, it is best to use a small watering can with a narrow spout. This way, watering is kept as gentle as possible and the risk of damaging the developing, still fragile root system is reduced to zero.
  8. Only apply liquid fertilizers and chemical fertilizers in moist soil. Otherwise, there is a risk of a chemical burn to the roots. This applies to both garden and vegetable crops.
  9. If you do not plan to use the watering can for a long time (e.g. at the end of the gardening season), empty the water and plant debris. Otherwise, the fungus may grow in the container and then potentially damage the watered crop.
  10. Finish watering by washing and drying watering cans throughout the season. This will make caring for your plants as efficient and safe as possible.

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