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Where to Order Wholesale Watering Cans

Where to Order Wholesale Watering Cans
Where to Order Wholesale Watering Cans

Struggling when it comes to sourcing quality garden items? “Most buyers struggle when it comes to sourcing quality garden pots and wholesale watering cans, so we developed a process for them that provides consistent quality at a set price to help them generate more business.”

Don’t Just Source, Make!

Don’t purchase from or hand over manufacturing to anyone who ranks high on B2B portals. Otherwise, you will face inconsistent quality! and other issues such as the inability to communicate directly, sampling and packaging, etc.

Make your products the way you want them!
By manufacturing your product, you get.

  1. free samples
  2. Consistent quality
  3. Packaging according to your parameters
  4. shorter turnaround times
  5. A clear price point

Runsun Helps You Turn Your Ideas into Products!

RunSun produces and delivers gardening supplies and home furnishings by working closely with buyers. We are based in Shenzhen Design City, China.
We set you up for an end-to-end manufacturing process.

  1. Free samples for qualified buyers
  2. Direct communication: phone, Whatsapp, email
  3. Conventional design concept
  4. Robust quality
  5. regular production updates
  6. Dedicated craftsmen

We Help You As a Partner to Make Great Products

RunSun works closely with buyers’ design teams to shape their ideas. We set up the end-to-end manufacturing process you need to produce at zero cost.
Setup process includes

  • Development of manufacturing templates
  • Sample development
  • Raw material specification
  • Pricing calculations
  • Quality control management
  • Design of packaging boxes
  • Stickers and labels

About RunSun

We offer over 2800 gardening supplies, home furnishings, and bathroom products available in our central warehouse and ensure that one of our main rules is to take an individual approach to each partner. We regularly renew our partner discounts and expand our loyalty system, often assisting in organizing exhibitions of home and garden supplies free of charge. Franchising is also a source of pride for us: by becoming part of our team and opening their own RunSun salon, our customers get a ready-made, well-thought-out option for successful retailing. We will help you develop an individual program for your salon, taking into account all necessary requirements.

For more than a decade, our company has been one of the leading wholesalers selling home and garden supplies in the European and American markets. runSun is a team of professionals who are eager to achieve the best in their activity!

We take care in the selection of products and partners, offering only high-quality and modern products produced by the leaders of their industry. We regularly monitor the latest trends in the field of gardening supplies, home furnishings, and outdoor products, which allows us to form an interesting, relevant, and extensive range, ready to meet the needs of the most demanding customers!

Our product range includes all types of home furnishings, outdoor products, gardening supplies, floral products, and accessories. In addition, we always have a large selection of gardening molds for the production of various stylish gardening supplies and home furnishings.
Here are a few reasons to work with us.

  • We value each and every customer and are open to dialogue about the most profitable cooperation.
  • our comprehensive answers to all your questions.
  • Assistance in choosing and consulting on all issues.
  • Ease of purchasing. The manager of the sales department will professionally answer questions about the assortment, select similar products, and provide complete information about the availability of goods and purchase conditions. The specialist will take orders and follow all stages of work until shipment.
  • Accuracy and regularity of order fulfillment
  • The best offer of products on the market. Customers can always buy the latest gardening supplies and home furnishings from us, as we regularly study market demand, gardening trends, lifestyle, and interior decoration.
  • Available product displays, regular assortments, and seasonal collections can be found in our showroom. The exhibition showcases ready-made interior pieces produced by the company’s professional decorators.
  • Dealing with non-standard tasks and requirements.
  • Personal approach. Our clients have their own specific businesses. Therefore, in cooperation, we use a personal approach.
  • Direct cooperation with our manufacturing plants enables your company to offer the best and most favorable prices.
  • Flexible approach to discounts and payments and regular promotional discounts.

We customize spray pots and planters for wholesalers, nursery growers, and e-tailers (in metal and plastic respectively) to help them generate more business!

Let’s work together!

Start making your GardenPlanters today! It’s easy! Email us or call one of our managers today.

In our RunSun E-Catalog, there is a series of bathroom supplies for indoor and outdoor, as well as gardening and household products customization and OEM/ODM development. Welcome to contact us to customize your products.

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