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How to Choose a Metal Watering Cans Wholesale

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How to Choose a Metal Watering Cans Wholesale
How to Choose a Metal Watering Cans Wholesale

A spray can is used as garden equipment for watering plants. It is made in the form of a container with a handle and a spout. In this article, RunSun will discuss the types and materials of watering cans and their uses, and RunSun also offers metal watering cans wholesale.


Easy to use;
Gentle watering while the water penetrates into the roots of the plants.
Accurate measurement of water volume.
Pipeline independence.
Possibility of dealing with areas inaccessible to the hose.
Removal of excess soil water.
Water conservation and even distribution of water.
Possibility of applying the required amount of fertilizer.

The main disadvantage is the need to regularly fill the water in the spray cans.

There are also three types of spray pots.

  1. garden sprinklers – outdoor watering cans.
  2. room sprayers – indoor watering cans.
  3. decorative spray cans.


  1. Outdoor watering cans
    Designed for outdoor watering of flower beds, borders, small shrubs, young trees, greenhouses, and conservatories work. It features a large volume, a wide fill neck, and a rim to prevent water from spilling. In some sprayers, the neck looks like a funnel. It is usually equipped with interchangeable nozzles.

Important: When choosing a garden sprinkler, make sure it is stable. It’s great if the model you choose has a wide spout that comes out almost from the bottom.

  1. Indoor watering cans
    For watering potted indoor plants. It differs from previous versions in that it is smaller and has a slim spout, which is convenient when watering in hard-to-reach places. Room watering can also serve an aesthetic purpose. Therefore, the design of this container is often more interesting than the garden model.
  2. Decorative watering cans
    Plays a decorative role only. Suitable for decorating balconies, rooms, and gazebos.


1. Metal

Durable, maintainable, sterilizable, and anticorrosive (copper and zinc products). These advantages turn out to be many disadvantages: high price, weight, susceptibility to corrosion, and risk of leakage at welds and joints. You can get injured while watering with this spray can. Not suitable for children, women, and the elderly.

Important: Choose spray cans made of galvanized steel – such products are not afraid of corrosion.

To avoid leaking metal containers, check the quality of the welds. Do not place metal “sprinklers” on the ground – otherwise, scratches that can lead to corrosion may appear.

Professional custom watering cans “RunSun” staff will help you to complete your great brand design. At our company, you can customize your watering can to any style.

2. Plastic

Lightweight and cheap, available in many designs and colors. The plastic model is not afraid of corrosion and does not leak because it is cast. At the same time, such a sprinkler is fragile and irreparable and sensitive to low temperatures and UV rays.

Important note: Pay attention to the type of plastic used. Cheap polypropylene spray cans can quickly fail under the influence of temperature differences and UV radiation. But high-pressure polyethylene is more reliable – this product lasts longer. Polypropylene mark – PP, high-pressure polyethylene – HDPE.

After choosing a plastic “sprinkler”, do not forget to look at the product through the light. Heterogeneous structure and stains indicate the fragility of the sprinkler.


The volume of the sprinkler depends on its type.
0.5-3 liters – indoor sprinklers.
3-12 liters – outdoor spray cans.

The larger the spray can, the less often it will be filled with water. It is true that the use of large vessels can quickly lead to fatigue and put a heavy burden on the back. Therefore, large capacity “sprinklers” are not suitable for children, people of small stature, and the elderly. It is inconvenient to use bulky containers in greenhouses, to water in hanging baskets, and fetch water from buckets.

Choose the capacity of the garden sprinkler, taking into account the gardener’s physical ability and workload. The best solution for men is a 9-12 liter sprinkler, and for women a 4-6 liter model is suitable. To water a flower bed, a 5-liter spray can is enough, while to work in a bed with cucumbers or tomatoes, you can’t do without a 10-12 liter capacity container.

Important: it is recommended to buy two “watering bowls” – 7-10 liters (for the garden) and 1.5-3 liters (for flower beds and seedlings, fertilizing).

In addition
Nozzles – provide diffused watering (spraying), which is very useful for seedlings and vegetables (parsley, dill). Nozzles are available in different orifice sizes (0.8-1.5 mm). Nozzles are not needed to obtain a strong jet. Eggplants, tomatoes, and peppers are watered in this way. Nozzles are not used for fertilization.

Important: Before watering, make sure that the nozzle is firmly fixed on the nozzle. The truth is that broken nozzles can harm plants. It is better to choose nozzles with removable filters – it is easier to take care of them that way. It is advisable to buy more than one nozzle, as they are often lost.

Sometimes there are spray cans with non-removable sprayers – this solution is less functional because they are designed only for the “rain effect”.

Measured splitting – allows you to maintain the desired ratio when creating nutrient formulations with chemicals or fertilizers.

Therefore, it is much easier to get a custom metal watering can and all the necessary accessories from RunSun. The company values its reputation and offers very favorable conditions for custom gardening supplies and watering cans.

In our RunSun E-Catalog, there is a series of bathroom supplies for indoor and outdoor, as well as gardening and household products customization and OEM/ODM development. Welcome to contact us to customize your products.

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