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Gardeners’ Harvesting Tools

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Gardeners' Harvesting Tools
Gardeners’ Harvesting Tools

First, let’s divide the harvest into several types: – from the ground; – to the trees. Consider the order in which each action occurs. You will learn Gardeners’ Harvesting Tools in the RunSun article.

  1. assessment of the scale of fruit and vegetable wealth.
  2. motivation to win the harvest.
  3. an inventory of garden tools.
  4. purchasing inventory on our website.
  5. purchasing containers and bags for storage and transportation.
  6. Enjoy the collection process.
  7. hoping for nature’s gifts in the winter.

Harvesting from the Ground

So, I think everyone is already inspired by this process. So, let’s not waste time and start choosing gardening tools. To make it easier to remove the carrot queen and her compatriots from the dungeon, it is recommended to stop watering a few days before X hours so that the soil will dry out and separate more easily from the fruit. Exception: If you have fertile soil, it is best to work in moist soil. Whatever the situation, it is important to keep your hands decent at all costs – we have selected and purchased a variety of gloves that

  1. so that the soil does not penetrate the nails (latex, nitrile, polypropylene, vinyl).
  2. so that the shovel does not slip out of the hand and there are no painful calluses (cotton gloves, cotton with PVC dots/palms, etc.)
    Legs, just like pens, are also the breadwinners of our families. So we put on professional shoes for the “amateur gardener” level farmer and the “God” level farmer – we measure the length of the insoles and buy rubber shoes, cloaks, and rubber boots! And finally: “Hello!”

We start our gym class in the fresh air – we gently weed the bed (suddenly our garden bed is suddenly full of insidious weeds).
For this you will need the following stock: – slugs; – rakes; – choppers. You can buy a landing kit, in which the entire apparatus is miniature in size and in the loveliest colors. It can be easily used later in the cold season to transplant indoor pots. It is versatile and very useful for hostesses/owners. Thanks to its compact size, even young museums can easily handle it.

Now we dig our vegetable wealth directly by hand.
We need to buy a spatula. Here are the options: – spade kit (handle + spade).

  • Shovel (if you buy everything separately, we will choose according to the convenience of the legs).
  • straw (we choose according to the convenience of growth and hands if you buy everything separately).
    This tool is simply the king of fall! He will help you by digging, digging, burying, punishing, cutting, and just standing, leaning on your elbows.

When digging crops, prepare containers for harvesting in advance, so that later everything will not be in the arms and pockets of your partner. For this, you will need: – a garden unicycle (possibly a construction unicycle, it depends entirely on the size of your crop); – polypropylene bags; – vegetable mesh bags; – polymer boxes.

In no case should you immediately put the freshly harvested crop into polyethylene? Yes, immediate presence, as a rule, is not advisable. In it, the product is not ventilated, creating a greenhouse effect and the vegetables simply deteriorate. Let the vegetables meet the last sunset, get fresh air, dry in the sun, and go to their new home.

Harvest from the Tree

So, if you have a lush orchard, we suggest you buy a protective helmet, it will not go down without a fight. Unlike the first harvest, there is no need to poke around in the ground (although suddenly you have a treasure there and you remember it), but for the safety of the breadwinner, it is recommended to wear gloves.
And we won’t forget about the legs – in your already favorite section “Villa, Children, Garden” you are waiting for the magical miracle of ears, cloaks, and their brother boots. To reach the hard-to-reach branches, you’ll need a fruit picker.
Also, arm yourself with a cut when picking fruits.

If harvesting is done from a bush (grapes), you need to buy handy pruning shears so as not to hurt the bunches and break your fingers. So, maybe he will not agree to give up soon, you need a grape knife. It also often appears on our website under the name of the garden mating knife. All our fragrant and juicy riches must be carefully placed in containers. Lightweight and airy harvest boxes are perfect for us. In them, you can keep a piece of summer until late winter. To make the harvest path to your new home comfortable, we recommend that you buy a shopping bag. It is large and comes with a zipper and handles. None of nature’s gifts can escape to freedom.

After all our activities, it is necessary to clean the ground. You will return to this place again and again. To quickly sweep up the remaining leaves, grass, and other small debris, you need to buy a rake. They are available in several types: – fan rakes (laminated, with width-adjustable bars); – tine rakes (cast metal, plastic, twisted, wooden); – hand rakes (due to their small size, they are suitable for dealing with hard-to-reach places).

We hope that our list of the most needed summer cottage products will be useful to you. Stock up on everything you need and keep conquering your harvest! We remember that burning dead wood or leaves is harmful and forbidden by law, so we load everything onto a unicycle and take it to the compost pit. If you don’t have one, we unload it all into the trash.

The latter, by the way, you can buy on our website in any size and color. Now stop. Turn around. Exhale and praise yourself for a tremendous production job! You deserve the praise, we are your helpers and (we hope) helped and facilitated all your harvesting processes. Do you have any questions? Do you want to buy gardening equipment? Our consultants are already waiting for your request!

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