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The Best Watering Can Design: Types and Applications

The Best Watering Can Design Types and Applications
The Best Watering Can Design Types and Applications

The watering can is an indispensable attribute for gardens, summer houses, and vegetable gardens. She must take full responsibility for her choice. Despite the emergence of automatic irrigation systems, the usual devices stubbornly do not want to give up their place. They are essential in fertilizing, best watering can be designed It is also a way of life too much, not everyone in the garden has uninterrupted access to water.

What is a sprinkler and from what material


There are indoor and garden options available. The rooms are designed for watering flowers. With their help, it is easy to water in a variety of pots. As a rule, they are small: from 1 to 2.5 liters. There is a long nose. This is designed for watering in hard-to-reach places in the apartment or house. Most indoor options are made of plastic. Sometimes there are ceramic and metal products. Usually, these are designer items that also have a decorative function indoors.


Garden sprayers – irreplaceable helpers on site. With their help, cribs and flower beds are watered; when it is necessary to distribute water evenly, moisten the soil around the seedlings of trees and shrubs. The design of the rustic version is characterized by a wide collar. This is done so that water does not splash. Some models are made with a funnel-shaped upper part. For summer cabins, plastic and metal cabins are still popular. The latter are usually made of galvanized steel.

Metal spray cans

Relative durability
High strength
Properties of zinc and copper spray cans for purifying and disinfecting water
Possibility of repair in case of leakage.

Heavyweight (a 10-liter spray can weigh about 1 kg)
High price
Corrosion sensitivity
Requires maintenance to prevent rusting

When buying galvanized garden spray cans, pay attention to the quality of the welds – this is where they are most vulnerable.

Spray pots made of plastic
They also offer many advantages.
Variety of shapes and colors
thanks to the use of modern materials, they have a high resistance to wear and resistance to external factors (temperature, humidity)
No reaction with chemicals
Low cost
When choosing plastic equipment, look at the light: cloudy plastics have stains that do not last long. Choose products made of high-density polyethylene, because they are more durable.

Which spray can should I choose for watering, fertilizing, and spraying?

Use a small spray bottle with a long spout to water houseplants. When watering young plants, it is best to use a filter to avoid damaging the plants with a strong stream of water. For fertilization, it is best to use a mixture of a watering can and a spray bottle with an open spout. It is easy to add the right amount of water and fertilizer to such a container. Well, it is easier to follow the recipe if there are measured partitions on such a water bottle. Spraying is done with spray cans. These spray water and various compounds delicately on the desired parts of the plant: leaves, and roots.

Single and double handle

Models with one and two handles are available. If using a large container, it is better to have two handles because it is easier to carry heavy loads with two hands. One handle is suitable for stocks of up to 3 liters. This facilitates the watering of small flower beds or shrubs.


Various sizes of containers are available on the market. When choosing, keep in mind that being too small will force you to run to the bucket often for freshwater. Large copies are too heavy for women and older people. Also, large barrels are inconvenient for watering. Yes, collecting water from a bucket will be problematic. Experts agree that the optimal volume for women is 5-6 liters and for men 10-12 liters. Experienced gardeners often have several different specimens. They have their own arsenal and different nozzles.

What nozzles are available? For what kind of work the plant is best used?

For watering trees and shrubs, powerful jets can be used without nozzles. For young plants, the jets should be small, so you will need a special diffuser for garden sprayers. The ideal shower nozzle has an orifice diameter of 0.8 to 1.5 mm. Larger diameter nozzles are suitable for deep-rooted seedlings and almost all vegetable crops. It is advisable to install several interchangeable nozzles on the garden sprinkler. It is also important to fix them carefully. If the nozzle has a removable filter, this is a great advantage because it is easier to clean.

Sprinklers in the landscape design

Gardening tools can be used for other purposes and in a very original way. They will have a decorative function. Tasks: decorate cabins, balconies, kitchens, or picnic gazebos. No need to buy new ones, you can breathe life and beauty into an already outdated copy. An old spray can from your landscape design surely finds its place. It can be used as a vase or a flower bed. A flower bed in landscape design is preferable because of its pleasing appearance throughout the summer. To add a useful area where decorative elements can be placed, remove the upper part from the container. It is easy to do this with plastic, and more difficult with metal.

Flowers can be planted in a spray pot as in a regular pot. It is best to choose a small one. Good choices: petunias, bluebells, geraniums, marigolds. The curly stems look interesting. At the bottom of the product, you need to punch holes. Otherwise, the roots of the plants you grow there will rot. You can paint a picture on the outside with bright paint, glue pebbles, shells, and dried leaves. Decorative combinations can be transferred from one area to another if needed.

Where to buy watering cans?

To decide where to buy high-quality watering cans, we recommend you carefully research RunSun suppliers. runSun offers a large number of metal watering cans in bulk. the company values its reputation and offers very favorable conditions for bulk orders and personalization.

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