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RunSun Value Planter Set: The set of ceramic plant pots includes 5 ceramic planters of different sizes that can hold a variety of plants and are very sweet when put together as a decorative piece to fill your windowsill.
Color: The flower pot color is white; the stand color is gold, green, gray, black, blue
The perfect gift, a simple white planter is the perfect choice for Christmas, Mother’s Day, housewarming, wedding gifts, you can never go wrong.

Minimalist style planter. White ceramic flower pots with different colored metal brackets bring a visual representation of minimalist style ceramics, different minimalist stripes make the pots stand out, perfect for decorating windowsills, tabletops, bookshelves, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, gardens, offices, etc.
These are lovely and match almost any home/office decor wonderfully, creating a youthful and fresh look for your house.
High-quality material – ceramic flower pots for succulent plants. These mini planters are made of kaolin clay which is a sturdy ceramic and durable.

Perfect for succulents, herbs, cactus plants, they have enough space for 2″ small plants to transplant with room to grow.
Healthy growth of plants. Wide top design for easy cultivation of new plants and transplanting. Each pot has a drainage hole at the bottom so that the roots of the plants can be fully hydrated and no excess water stays, keeping them healthy and growing.

For bulk purchase of wholesale, and to customize your products, please contact us.

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