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Round terracotta pots succulent planter plant flower pot

Product Description
Color: White
Accessories: Round terracotta pots Come with a metal stand with a wooden tray
Succulents are hardy plants with low water requirements, so they are usually easy to care for.
Add a decorative touch to any room with these pots from our succulent planters.

Superior craftsmanship – Each white ceramic planter in this set is beautifully and evenly glazed and baked evenly, making each white planter stronger and less likely to break.
Easier – Ceramic planters have drainage holes so water will drain out. And don’t worry about water leaking out, because each bamboo tray has a raised rim to catch run-off water. Perfect for indoor plants

Adds interest to modern homes and gardens Rustic style for cacti, succulents, or air plants
Succulents are also like snowflakes, no 2 plants are the same, so a set of pots is necessary to display them beautifully and with pride in your home.

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Ceramics, Iron

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